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Every thing herein belongs to me, well I should say us, but I'm gonna go on a self centred limb here and just say me. Ok everyone got that? Good. Each episode of this...well, I don't exactly know what you'd call it so, lets just call it the show. Each episode of this show contains swearing, possible spoilers for movies and/or games. I'm not forcing you to read and/or listen to anything on this website, you do so at your own discretion so don't complain about how rude and crude some of this stuff is. You can't take legal action against us for anything on this website and/or show, it is not to be reposted or redistributed with out permission. By reading anything else or listening to anything else on this site, you have just agreed to not take legal action for ANYTHING against us. If you don't like that, mouse clicks are cheap, unless of course you have a mouse click logger and have to pay for each click but anyway...nuff said.

Copy Right Matthew Maguire and Tristan Doherty 2005